Denver Media Service (DMS) offers professional media services in conjunction with a customized marketing campaign based on a client’s customer demographics, product or service and a client’s sales goals and expectations. DMS can bring to life your written proposals.

Denver Media Service (DMS) offers professional media services, including: *Web design and building; *Web and data analytics; *SEO optimization; best SEO practices and strategies; *Video production and editing services; *Audio production and editing services; *Web and broadcast presentations; *Photoshop graphic artist (expert level) *eCommerce sites, virtual environments; *create APIs, web pay portals.

"I have built hundreds of WordPress websites since WordPress began in 2004 - 18 yrs. WordPress experience. I can produce original content specifically for your project. I have 20+ years of producing TV commercials, online videos and am a pro audio/video engineer and editor. I lived in Hollywood and did studio work there for over ten years. I own a recording studio where I do my work; whether it's building websites, writing and recording original audio/video content or video, post-production video editing and finalizing on my Apple MAC M1 using Final Cut Pro. I also use Pro Tools and Mixbus 32c."

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