Ronald Harold – Founder and CEO
(720) 381.7738
Denver, CO 80211

Web Designer/Builder, Media and Marketing Specialist,
Audio/video engineer and editor; COMCAST television producer.

17+ years designing and building WordPress websites; 14+ years of cPanel/Plesk experience; create and configuring MySQL databases; SEO expert, best SEO practices and strategies; Photoshop graphic artist (expert level as tested by Indeed) create and implement written client proposals into media and marketing ads, tools and websites; develop and produce web videos and broadcast commercials; create APIs, web pay portals, eCommerce sites, virtual environments and more; excellent verbal communications and written skills in business and creative ad writing; I excel at meeting and exceeding client expectations. I enjoy satisfying clients with premiere work product, service and results. I have been building and maintaining WordPress websites since WordPress began in 2004. I write HTML, CSS, PHP and some javascript.

• JavaScript (10+ years)
• MySQL (10+ years)
• Java (10+ years)
• Video Production (10+ years)
• HTML5 (10+ years)
• PHP (10+ years)
• Video Editing (10+ years)
• CSS (10+ years)
• APIs (10+ years)
• XML (10+ years)
• Microsoft SQL Server
• WordPress (10+ years)
• Audio engineer (10+ years)
• Pro Tools Specialist (10+ years)
• Web Development (10+ years)
• Web Builder (10+ years)
• SEO specialist (10+ years)